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NEW TRACK: Jack & Juke (TM Juke) ft Sharlene Hector – “Ain’t Nobody” [Chaka Cover]



Saw this on twitter and thought I’d check it out …  TM Juke + Sharlene Hector = Guaranteed Banger! I love the Chaka original, but these guys definitely do the track justice and to have Sharlene on vocals is just the icing on a very soulful cake.

Jack & Juke ft Sharlene Hector – ‘Ain’t Nobody’

In case there is any confusion over the matter Jack & Juke were previously known as TM Juke & The Jack Baker Trio. TM Juke is a producer famous for his work with Alice Russell as well as his own solo work. Jack Baker is Alice Russell’s drummer as well as the drummer in Bonobo’s live band. The duo have been covering this Chaka Khan mega-hit at live shows, notably with the lovely Andreya Triana on vocals. Got it? Good.

The duo’s debut album is one of my favourites, with its latin/island flavoured percussive sounds, however word is that their follow up, due early 2011 will be aimed squarely at the dancefloor. This will apparently be the 1st single and is available digitally or on 7″ via the duo’s bandcamp page.



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