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NEW MUSIC: Eric Lau Is “Makin’ Sound”


Normally an albums worth of instrumental tracks dosn’t really do it for me. I hve a (very) limited attention span, and usually find that without vocals my mind begins to wander and I don’t really take much in. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and Eric Lau’s Makin’ Sound is one such exception.

I was introduced to Eric’s work via his New Territories album, which featured a number of very talented UK vocalists (Tawiah, Rahel et al.) singing over his productions. I then went on to search out some of his other production/remix work and was never short of impressed. I’ll admit when news of a new album surfaced I was kind of hoping for New Territories Part 2, however I was certainly not disappointed when I pressed play on Makin’ Sound. A 20-track album of laid back, soulful instrumentals plucked from his previously unheard catalogue, this will be my ‘at work’ soundtrack for the forseeable future.

You can listen to snippets via Eric’s bandcamp page, and the full album is released Sept 27th.

After the break you can check out an interview with Eric where he talks about his inspiration for the album.

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  1. Vivrant Thang permalink
    28/09/2010 4:28 pm

    Loving these beats. If I was a DJ, I would definitely let this play out at a nice intimate mixer. I hope we get something in the way of a NT2 though. His beats can stand alone but I wouldn’t mind some vocals! Was how I first got introduced to the beauty that is Tawiah.

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