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NEW MUSIC: Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart – ‘Prophecy’


Hands up if you miss Floetry. I know I do.

Since the duo parted ways there has been much talk of solo recordings, but not much in the way of actual music. Marsha has released a handful of ‘mixtapes’ that have been, in my opinion, hit and miss, whereas Natalie for the most part has been silent.

Earlier this year we heard that Marsha has signed to J Records, and should release her debut solo effort late 2010. If i’m honest I hate severley dislike the first single ‘I Hope She Cheats‘, but i’m holding on to the hope that the album will be much better.

Hot on the heels of Marsha’s news it appears that Natalie also has an album in the pipeline, and also has a track doing the rounds. ‘Prophecy’ sees The Floacist join forces with producer Mo-Rece, laying her spoken word vocals over a house beat. In my opinion … this is NOT a good look for her. The vocal just dosn’t sit well for me and the beat seems to strip every last ounce of soul from Natalie’s delivery.

Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart – ‘Prophecy’ [snippet]

I know the two have obviously had their disagreements, and if reports are to be believed, no longer talk to each other. It seems that, without each other the Floetry-magic has all but deserted them. I suppose only time (and full-length albums) will tell, but I know I for one am holding on to a sliver of hope that one day we may just get some new Floetry.

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