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FREE MUSIC: Tanya Auclair’s ‘Thrum’ EP


One of the main advantages of being part of the blogging community is FREE music. Artists/labels/fellow bloggers are constantly sending stuff over for you to check out, feature, or review and you often get to hear fantastic music before it reaches the public.

Undoubtedly the main disadvantage annoyance is having your inbox spammed to death by over-zealous PR people. I have a somewhat hit & miss method of filtering the good from the bad, however sometimes my filter dosn’t even need to kick in, I know that emails from certain persons will contain, without question, quality!

This was the case when Amelia (from PutMeOnIt) emailed me a link to Tanya Auclair’s Thrum EP. Availabe for free from her bandcamp page, the 6 tracks incorporate soul, folk and electronica, creating a set that sounds truly original. I know comparisons to other artists are sometimes tiresome, innacurate, and ultimately meaningless, but it sometimes helps you get a handle on an artist before you press play. I racked my brains trying to come up with a comparison here and all I could come up with was Canada’s Zaki Ibrahim. What Tanya lacks in raw vocal power (judged on these 6 tracks) she more than makes up for with subtle, soulful melodies and catchy hooks.

Take a listen below, download, then spread the word!!

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