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A New Supergroup Is Born?


UPDATE: More recent reports suggest this may just be a collaboration between Winehouse, ?uestlove and Salaam Remi (the producer responsible for Wino’s smash hit Back To Black) … only time will tell.

So by now you have probably heard the rumours news? Yes ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we have a new ‘supergroup’ on our hands. According to ?uestlove himself, him and The Roots crew are heading into the studio with Amy Winehouse and Raphael Saadiq (that’s as long as Wino can get a visa to enter the US).

Now, as a fan of all 3 reported members, I for one would buy any album they put out unheard, but lets face it … what are the chances this album would ever see the light of day? These so called ‘supergroups’ have a history of not being all that ‘super’. Raphael has been linked with at least 2 previously, he founded Lucy Pearl alongside Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Dawn Robinson, but internal issues saw them disband after one (admittedly fantastic) album. Then there was the much-talked-about Lynwood Rose, which could have possibly been THE supergroup, had it actually come about. With a line-up consisting of Raphael, D’Angelo & Q-Tip it seemed to be every soul-lovers dream, but after a bootleg mixtape which simply featured songs that had collaborated on in the past, all talk of the group died down. There was also a significant amount of fuss regarding The Queen Project, a collaboration between Deborah Cox, Tamia and Kelly Price, which again seems to have disappeared into thin air.

On paper these collaborations look and sound fantastic, but even if label politics and individual egos allow it, they rarely amount to much. I for one will cross my fingers, but until I get a release date for their album, I’m not devoting much thought to it.

[thanks to PINBOARDblog for the heads up]

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