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NEWS: New Incognito Album To Be Released July 26th


Incognito are releasing a new album, Transatlantic RPM, this coming July to celebrate 30 years in the game.

Billed as being “like no other Incognito album you have heard before” the album will feature an amazing guest line-up including Chaka Khan and Leon Ware, as well as regular contributers Maysa, Joy Rose, Tony Momrelle and Vanessa Haynes (little bit disappointed not to see Imaani here).

The album will be released via Dome Records and is now available for pre-order on Amazon UK.


1. Lowdown (feat Mario Biondi and Chaka Khan)
2. Everything That We Are(feat Luckyiam)
3. 1975
4. Your Sun My Sky
5. Line In The Sand (feat Leon Ware)
6. Gotta (feat Ursula Rucker)
7. Let’s Fall In Love Again (feat Christian Urich – Tortured Soul)
8. The Song (feat Chaka Khan)
9. Put A Little Lovin’ In Your Heart
10. All of My Life
11. Expresso Madureira
12. Life Ain’t Nothing But A Good Thing
13. Make Room For Love
14. Can’t Get Enough (feat Mario Biondi)
15. The Winter Of My Springs
16. Tell Me What To Do

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