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On The Late Bus: Jimetta Rose ‘The Barber’s Daughter’


2010 has certainly been a great year, musically at least. With albums from Sade, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Jose James, Silhouette Brown, YahZarah, Kings Go Forth, Angela Johnson, Avery Sunshine and Corinne Bailey Rae it seems not a week has gone by without the release of another ‘essential’ album to add to your collection.

Rewind to January of this year which saw the release of Jimetta Rose’s The Barber’s Daughter, an album which gained a bit of blog/internet support, but which will have been overshadowed by many of the upcoming big-name releases. I’ve had the album sat on my hard drive since early February, but as is often the case I hadn’t gotten round to taking a listen. Thanks to a timely reminder from Speeakz over at PINBOARDblog I finally pressed play yesterday … and have been doing so since!

The album, in my opinion, is one of the best this year, up their with all the artists mentioned above. The album combines warm, soulful vocals over spacey hip-hop beats with a real focus on meaningful lyrics and some inspired vocal arrangements. Take the track ‘America (Revisited)’ produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow, a scathing warts-and-all look at American politics and how it affects the way way American citizens are viewed globally. Also the track ‘I Got God’, which focuses on the sacrifices people make to cut a cheque in the music industry, and how to remain true to ones self is often an uphill battle.

America (Revisited)

I Got God

Not all the tracks are politcal/socially conscious however, the staple of all good soul albums ‘love’ makes more than one appearance, probably best displayed on album highlight (and personal favourite) ‘Sweet Necessity’.

Sweet Necessity

In a year that I’m sure will become synonamous with big-name releases (upcoming efforts from Jill Scott and Maxwell, as well as the aforementioned Badu and Sade) The Barber’s Daughter reminds us that, if we are willing to dig a little deeper, there are plenty of quality indie artists who can give the big-guns a run for their money!


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  1. 21/05/2010 8:40 pm

    That’s wus up… Jimetta is the realest…

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