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Peven Everett Takes Us On A ‘Soul Parade’


Peven Everett is an artist who has popped up on my radar a number of times over the last few years, normally via a recommendation from another blog or direct from a fellow blogger, but for some reason (unknown even to me) I have never taken time out to listen to his material.

So, when I had the opportunity to listen to his  latest album, Beyond The Universe, I jumped at the chance and I’m glad I did. First of all, the album was nothing like I expected. I’m not sure why but I was ready for something similar to Rahsaan Patterson or maybe Raphael Saadiq, some traditional soul music with a modern twist. Instead what we have here are 9 tracks of upbeat, soulful house with a strong R&B/soul vibe to them.

Album opener ‘Soul Parade’ gets things off to a good start, but things really get going on ‘Tonight Tonight’. The beat here takes precedence but the vocals certainly complement it and I can imagine this being a floor filler on those warm summer evenings we’re all craving so much. My favourite track on the album is ‘I Need You’. As well as a punchy backing track it has slightly more lyrical structure than other songs on the album and a very catchy hook, making it another sure fire summer hit.

My only criticism of the album is that at 9 tracks it is a little short, which is further magnified by the fact that all the tracks have a similar tempo and so tend to blend into one another a little. A couple of more tracks, combined with a tempo change here and there would have made this a ‘must have’ album rather than one that is ‘just’ very, very good.

‘I Need You’

‘If I Can’t See You Tonight’

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