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Keeping You Musically Informed: @22Tracks and @Groovmnt


Hi folks, sorry for the haphazard posting this week … time has runaway with me yet again!

Nothing new to report on the music front, been a slow(ish) week, but I have some good stuff lined up for the coming weeks. In the meantime may I suggest a couple of sites for you to visit:

I was informed of 22Tracks a few weeks back by some of my fellow bloggers, and I gotta say it’s one of my most frequently visited sites. Basically the site is a sort of jukebox, split into 22 genres of music, each containing (you guessed it) 22 tracks. So far I’ve stuck to what I know and only sampled ‘soul’, ‘funk/jazz’ and ‘dubstep’, but the selections are so on point it hardly matters.

Great for if you don’t have access to iTunes or left your iPod a home, it features bang up-to-date tracks from established artists and newcomers, aswell as some exclusives. Click on the picture below to take a listen.

Heard about this site via an email invitation from the guys behind it. They describe the site as:

GROOVMNT delivers real life expression to your online experience with refreshing coverage on the best in urban music and entertainment.

It’s all about MUSIC
The soul of GROOVMNT is found within the strong editorials that explore the connection of urban music to various aspects of our everyday lives. Discover honest, entertaining reviews written by editors who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. Treat your ears to high-quality podcasts produced by award-winning podcasters and seasoned DJs who live to showcase great remixes and rarities….

You may recognise a few names associated with the site if you follow soul music blogs and websites as closely as I do. The site has not long launched and is currently in beta stages, but with a crew behind it like these guys, I’m sure we’ll all be sticking around.

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