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DOWNLOAD: Yahzarah Releases First Single From ‘The Ballad…’


Finally, we get to hear a taste of Yahzarah’s upcoming album, The Ballad Of Purple St. James, which is due for release on May 4th via +FE Music.

At times I worried we wouldn’t see this album. Not due to lack of work on Yahzarah’s part, on the contrary you only have to view her twitter stream to see that when she isn’t performing she is in the studio working on material, however as is the case with many independant artists, finding a label to call ‘home’ is a struggle. That is where long time friend and collaborator Phonte Coleman and super-producer Nicolay stepped in. They signed Yahzarah up to their newly formed +FE label and the rest as they say …. is history.

The first single from the album, ‘Why Dontcha Call Me No More’ is, if I’m honest, not what  I was really expecting from the trio, however after playing it non-stop all morning It’s safe to say that I love it! The catchy beat courtesy of Phonte/Nicolay, combined with Yahzarah’s unmistakable vocal come together perfectly and if this is what we can expect from the full album, we are in for an auditory treat come May 4th.

Yahzarah – Why Dontcha Call Me No More

As a first single on a new label the track is perfect. It will appeal to long time supporters, but also, assuming the track can get enough exposure, it should draw in new fans to the Yahzarah/Foreign Exchange fold.

The track is available for FREE from +FE’s new-look website, all you have to do is click on the banner below … and while your there, take a look around.

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