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X Factor’s Graziella Is Still In The ‘Race’


Hands up, I’m an avid fan of music-based reality television shows. X Factor, despite it’s many flaws, is essential viewing for me, from the terrible, to the ok, to the sometimes brilliant, I watch it start to finish every year. Pretty much every show so far has left me slightly disappointed though, not in the talent on display, but rather the fact that when the winner is announced I know I will not be buying their records.

Last years show exposed us to a couple of (potential) gems, Rachel Adedeji was one, the other was singer/rapper Graziella (above). She had a uniqueness about her that is all to often absent from these types of shows, and I was surprised (pleasantly) when she made it as far as she did (even after being ‘watered down’ with the addition of 2, more mainstream singers).

It was obvious that she wasn’t going to get near the final show, after all she was a little too left field, and when she (and her bandmates) recieved the boot I thought that was the last we would here from her!

Well I was mistaken. This little gem of a track was brought to my attention by @BlackEinstein. Not much info on it except that it is Graziella supplying the vocals and @asaviour on production duties. It’s a great slice of down-tempo, soulful goodness that I could listen to all day.

Graziella – Relay Race (prod. by Savvy)

You can get the track for FREE here.

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  1. 21/03/2010 7:54 am

    This track is surprisingly good. I was half expecting what I call “Kool-Aid” music. The type where it sounds like the producer simply went to the supermarket bought it added water and stirred :-). Generic, tasteless, you catch my meaning.

    Anyway it’s good stuff !

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