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#musicmonday: There’s ‘Something About’ Dira


On my semi-regular visit to various label websites I came across, what could be, a real contender for one of the standout records of 2010.

Expansion, home of Trina Broussard and Adriana Evans, is well known in soul circles for producing some of the most authntic, soulful music on this side of the Atlantic, and it looks like they are about to cement that with the release of Dira’s Something About The Girl on 8th March.

With Incognito’s Bluey at the production helm, and a duet with soul icon Omar, on paper this looks like it cannot possibly disappoint, and from the snippets I’ve heard (which you can hear below) it does not!

Described as a melting pot of soul and acid jazz, with glimmers of house and bossa thrown in, the material is first class, and first class it needs to be if it is to stand up against Dira’s beautifully smooth vocals.

Dira – Something About The Girl Sampler

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  1. nnkaie permalink
    08/03/2010 11:18 pm


  2. darren permalink
    09/03/2010 5:17 am

    I saw her live performance in Java Jazz and it was amazing. Smooth and powerful voice. I love when she was singing with jason mraz and diane warren. two thumbs up. About her album, i cant wait to see her concert…..

  3. 09/03/2010 4:22 pm

    @nnkaie yes i definitely see/hear the similarities

    @darren just got hold of the full album so can’t wait to take a listen

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