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Happy Birthday To Me: Soul:UK’s 1st Anniversary


It has been a one year since I started this blog and a journey I have thoroughly enjoyed. In the past I regularly visited a number of blogs and had been thinking about starting my own for some time. I kept putting it of, convincing myself that I wouldn’t have enough time, I wouldn’t have enough to write about and that I would get any hits. Thankfully all 3 (well at least the last 2) have proven incorrect.

I would like to thank everyone who stops by, everyone who leaves a comment, those who have offered advice and support when needed (this has been a regular occurence) and most importantly the labels/artists for giving me something to write about and sending me their music. There are a couple of fellow bloggers (some lapsed ;)) that I would like to thank especially, they would be Vivrant Thang (the person who convinced me to start),  and Soulafrodisiac (my FGS). Also thanks to everyone in my blogroll for the inspiration to keep going and for including me on your blog rolls.

To ‘celebrate’ I have got myself a new domain ( and had a slight re-design.

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  1. 24/02/2010 12:34 pm

    Whoa! A year already? Happy, Happy Birthday Soul:UK!!! Keep on bringing us that great music information & news…

  2. Keyknow permalink
    25/02/2010 4:10 am

    Happy Birthday my friend. Thank you for the good music you have turned my ears onto. Here’s to year number 2!!!

  3. 25/02/2010 11:05 pm

    Forgive me for being a day late in celebrating your blog anniversary. I need to pull up the post where I suggested you start a blog and you were like no way! LOL! How far we have come!

    Your passion for REAL music exceeds mine most days! I owe many, many of my discoveries to you. I so wish you lived here so we can beg on the street corners together for concert ticket money. LOL!

    Keep writing! So proud of what you’ve done with the place!

  4. 03/03/2010 3:35 pm

    @tgrundy & keyknow thanks to both of you for the kind words, it’s appreciated! Also thanks to the both of you for opening my ears to music i have never heard before, whether old or new.

    @viv lol yeah dig it out 😉

    The feelings are mutual and in the early days especially, you were one of (v.few) visitors who commented and linked in from your blog, thus helping me gain a bit of credibility lol.

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