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Three 11Yr Olds + Daptone Records = Old Skool Hip Hop


This cam through on Daptones monthly newsletter.

The 3 Titans, Khalil Jackson, Jorden Plaines, and Dallas Ifill, are rhythmically gifted fifth-graders with their sights set on higher education.  On their debut 7” for Dunham Records, “College” b/w “Life of a Scholar”, the precocious eleven-year-olds trade rhymes about the benefits of going to college and the determination it takes to get there over two sides of old-school, hard-as-nails (and refreshingly sample-free) beats provided by the notorious Menahan Street Band.

I was intrigued so I followed the links to a couple of youtube videos which you can see for yourself below. It’s refreshing to see young talents snapped up and nurtured by the independant labels before the majors get their hands on them and turn them into hyper-masculine, ‘sexed-up’, mini gangstas, or saccharin sweet school boy balladeers.

Their 7″ single is released Feb 16th and is available for pre-order.

In other Daptone news it looks like Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings 4th LP, I Learned The Hard Way, has been pushed up to an April 6th release!

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