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BOSCO Gives Us A Sneak Peek At ‘Black’


Last night I recieved an email with an attachment, the attachment in question was Brittany Bosco’s latest track, ‘Ragdoll’, off her upcoming Black project. Now I get numerous emails with tracks/albums/info attached, however this was one I had been anticipating for a while.

The track itself is hard to categorise, on one hand you have Brittany’s soulful, punchy vocals, on the other you have a futuristic, rock-infused backing track. Think “Brittany covering early Tina Turner… 20 years from now”.

The only way to really appreciate this track is to press play below, the track is also available  on Brittany’s bandcamp site.

Is Looking

Black is due for release early Summer, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more snippets 😉

After the break check out some of the AMAZING artwork/photography associated with the project, all of which is the work of talented designer Branden M Collins.


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