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Discussion: Grammy 2010 Wrap-Up


So another night of Grammy awards has come to pass. The 2010 nominees were a promising bunch, Soul:UK favourites such as Foreign Exchange, Ledisi, Lahlah Hathaway, Eric Roberson and Anthony Hamilton all recieved nods alongside some more questionable choices (T-Pain, Pleasure P), but on the whole it was looking good for soul music.

I didn’t sit up and watch the broadcast live via the web, I’ve come to expect a certain amount of disappointment and so didn’t see much point forcing myself to stay awake half the night. However, the first thing I did when I got up was check who won what!

On the whole it was pretty predictable:

  • Beyonce won 6 outta 10. No surprise there! However nobody will convince me that her vocal on ‘Single Ladies’ was better than Ledisi or Lahlah. Nope, not ever!
  • Foreign Exchange losing out to India.Arie was a hard pill to swallow. Yes I love me some India.Arie, and yes her version of Sade’s ‘Pearls’ is a goodie, but FE deserved that Grammy, hands down!
  • Maxwell winning Best Male R&B? I can live with that. Would have liked to have seen Anthony Hamilton get the nod but I’m happy for Maxwell.
  • Best Traditional R&B went to …. Beyonce for ‘At Last’, the song she hijacked borrowed from Etta James. Gotta admit she sings it well.
  • I think Ledisi deserved the Best R&B Album grammy, Turn Me Loose > Black Summers Night.
  • I didn’t have an opinion one way or another about Best Contemporary R&B Album. Beyonce probably deserved it given the competition.
  • Best R&B Song should have gone to Jazmine Sullivan for ‘Lions, Tigers and Bears’, ‘Single Ladies’ haunts me every waking minute, everywhere I go it’s playing. It’s only saving grace was it’s contribution to one of the funniest moments in Glee so far.
  • I have no words to express how I feel about ‘Blame It’ winning a grammy.

What did you think??

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