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Spotlight: Green Tea Introduces Us To The ‘Beautiful Weirdo’


Green Tea is a breath of fresh air in today’s music industry. Whereas most artists seem to be trying to find that hook, or a gimmick that will make them stand out from the crowds, experimenting with this genre and that, Green Tea stays truthful to who she is … and that is a good ol’ fashioned ‘soul singer’.

I don’t want the above statement to be misinterpreted so I’ll qualify what I said. Her music is not ‘old fashioned’ and it’s definitely not run-of-the-mill soul music, It’s just that she has the qualities of the soul-singers of yesteryear, a great voice and an ability to convey emotion and tell a story (something that seems sorely lacking if you switch on a radio).

She has two albums under her belt thus far; 2005’s Have A Cup Of Green Tea – Dosage I: Shades Of Green and 2008’s Dosage II: Choices, both are soothing, refreshing and satisfying slices of modern soul that have lead to her building a solid fanbase, not only in her native DC, but throughout the US and internationally.

In late 2009 Green Tea decided to give up her job as a social worker and pursue her passion for music full time. She got her affairs in order and began work on her 3rd release, originally titled Beautiful Weirdo: The Outcast. After months of hard work, and a slight change of name, that 3rd release is now ready!

Take a listen below, then head on over to Green Tea’s bancamp page and show your support by purchasing the album.
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