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Preview: Belleruche – The Liberty EP


The first new song, ‘56% Proof’, is a slightly sordid disco trip into a b-reel world, whisking you off to a 4/4 city quarter where drinks are served by clockwork robots in bars propped up by beautiful androids drinking flaming cocktails … – Tru Thoughts Press Release

Belleruche are back! The trio, made up of Kathrin deBoer, Ricky Fabulous and DJ Modest, are once again blessing our eardrums with their uniquie brand of Turntable Soul, this time in the form of The Liberty EP. The release contains 2 new tracks as well as remixes and alternative versions of some old favourites. The EP is a warm up to their highly anticipated 3rd album, following on from 2007’s Turntable Soul Music and 2008’s The Express.

The two new tracks, ‘56% Proof’ and ‘Gold Rush’ are classic Belleruche; a blend of soulful, bluesy, jazzy beats all tied up with Kathrin’s signature vocals. ‘56% Proof’ has a slow, languid Disco backdrop whereas ‘Gold Rush’ picks up the pace a little and gives the band a platform to air their thoughts on the state of things. Those that may think they’re simply shelling out for 2 new tracks plus some ‘bolt-ons’ to fill up the EP are a) not familiar with Belleruche or b) stupid ill-informed. The remainider of the EP is made up of 6 remixes (4 of which are of the superb ‘Anything You Want (Not That)’) and 2 acoustic versions. All are well worth the £’s, however it’s the Hint remix of ‘Anything You Want (Not That)’ which proves to be the best of the rest.

56% Proof

Anything You Want (Not That) [Hint Remix]

The EP is released 1st March and will be available from The Etchshop.


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