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Interview: SC.TV Speak To Their ‘One To Watch’ Rox


Ok, so I’ve mentioned Rox on here on more than one occasion but the talented singer/songwriter just keeps cropping up wherever I go these days. Above you can check out an interview that SoulCulture did with Rox earlier in the month where she discusses her upcoming album (due Spring 2010 on Rough Trade Records), her beginnings in music, her influences (Lauryn Hill, Sade, Mary J. Blige and Joni Mitchell) and the team she worked with on her debut, Memoirs.

She also discusses the media’s fascination with categorising singers (she is often lumped together with Winehouse and Duffy) and points out that she dosn’t set out to make a particular type or genre of music, rather she goes for what feels right at the time. I’m amongst the lucky people who have seen Rox do her thing live and I can honestly say the aforementioned comparisons are way off the mark, to be honest I find drawing comparisons with her style difficult and somewhat unnecessary. Rox is Rox, eclectic but very, very soulful.

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