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Review: Angie Stone – ‘Unexpected’ [Guest Post]


** This is a guest post from UK soul singer Raff **

angieresize1It’s happened … Angie Stone bought the T-Pain app on her iPhone and went crazy! Well not quite! Unexpected delivers classic Angie with mainly slow jams and ballads, harking back to her debut Black Diamond. But, in my opinion, dark forces were at work, leading to 2 tracks which stand out from the crowd and not in a good way: ‘Free’ and ‘Tell Me’, although not bad songs, just don’t sit well for me on the album due to their vocoder-laiden and synth-soaked production…was this the label demanding radio-friendly-mass-appeal tracks to keep up with the Jones’, namely the rnb kids in the charts? Which is strange considering she talks about having to be original to survive in the business on the title track. I guess we’ll never know.

But these 2 tracks aside, Angie doesn’t disappoint, with her smooth melodies and old skool harmonies that she does so well, best showcased in ‘Think Sometimes’, with it’s Motown-esque backing vocals. The title track rounds the album off as only a reprise of just over 1 minute, but for me offers the most interesting sound, reminiscent of tracks such as ‘Wish I Didn’t Miss You’.

All in all, a good album but by no means her best. One to switch on when you’re relaxing…lights down low…and maybe a special someone by your side…i’ll leave the rest to you…

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