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Get To Know: Raff



I’m still surprised, often on a daily basis, how much talent there is going unnoticed on the UK soul scene at the moment (I’m sure the same also applies to other genres too). Even if I just take the last 2/3 months, there are at least 10 artists who I can honestly say are better than 85% of what is currently deemed ‘popular’, however they recieve little or no exposure from mainstream media outlets (only the other week two of the UK’s finest were providing BVs to a rather bland artist on a TV show watched by millions).

The latest artist I came across is a very talented singer called Raff. Having been brought up in Scotland by his Italian parents, he decided to venture to the bright lights of London to pursue a career in music. He has performed gigs all over the capital and regularly appears alongside singers such as Natalie Williams and Sharlene Hector at Ronnie Scott’s famed ‘Soul Family’ events.

Raff – Spirit Runnin’ Out

Below you can hear Raff covering Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’.

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