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Review: Mama’s Gun – Routes To Riches



Mama’s Gun are a band I discovered on my regular visits to the Sexy Never Left blog. I learned from there they were working on a debut album, but as is often the case, release dates kept getting pushed back and the band slipped my mind. Then on my daily visit over to SoulBounce I heard that the album had indeed been released and so I tracked down a copy.

First off, those expecting anything remotely Badu-like  need to think again. I’m not sure if the reference to the neo-soul Queen’s second album is intentional or not but the sounds on Routes To Riches are very different. Their style is best described as pop/soul with elements of rock and a little funk thrown in to the mix. Many of you will be thinking ‘ok, but what does that mean?’, well as they say ‘a picture song is worth a thousand words’…

Pot Of Gold (snippet)

Big Betty (snippet)

Overall the album is a pretty solid effort, however at times it veers a little to close to the ‘pop’ end of the spectrum for my personal tastes. There are glimpses of what the album could have been on ‘Big Betty’,  ‘Psycho Territory’ and album highlight ‘Bitch’, but these glimpses are too far apart to make this a must have album for 2009.

I can’t help but think (I’m more than likely completely off target but hey this is my space so I’ll indulge myself) that this slightly watered down sound may be the reason behind the delayed release? In those brief glimpses I’ve already mentioned you can hear that the band have funk/soul at their heart, so maybe the pop elements were thrown in last minute to try and gain some traction with commercial radio and MTV?  Of course this is all just speculation on my part.

Probably the biggest redeeming feature of the album is lead vocalist Andy Platts‘ voice. His range puts many male vocalists to shame and it’s his voice alone which saves some of the albums weaker tracks from becoming completely forgettable.

All in all this is a good debut which, in its brief moments of brilliance, gives me hope that the band’s second effort can be a funk-filled delight.

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  1. B. Perry permalink
    15/11/2009 7:08 pm

    I’ve been looking everywhere to buy a copy of this online from the U.S. Any suggestions?

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