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Get To Know: Lydia Rene


ALBUMCOVERFINALLydia René (Myspace) creates real, grown folks R&B music, the type that we rarely hear nowadays unless your privy to the ever-growing indie/underground scene (and if your reading this I guess you are).  She is one of those artists who actually make me feel sorry for those stuck in the commercial radio/MTV rut … they are missing out on so much.

Lydia was brought up listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder and was heavily influenced my her music-teacher father and music-loving mother from an early age. She is a classically trained pianist, was a member of her school jazz band (playing piano) and also played drums and xylophone in the marching band so it should come as no surprise that not only does she sing on My Love Is My Life, she also wrote the songs, played keyboard, arranged the songs and had a hand in production too.

As well as the excellent writing and vocals present on the album, the fact that it is recorded live with an audience adds a touch of authenticity or realness to the album. You can sit back, relax and almost imagine you were present when the recording took place. The songs themselves deal with those staples of soul music, namely love and relationships, however the interesting arrangements combined with the jazzy soulfulness of her voice ensure that the material sounds fresh and interesting.

You can take a listen to a couple of tracks below and purchase via iTunes.

Untrue (snippet)

Stressin Me (snippet)

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