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Get To Know: Rox


Photo by Jaune Gallais

UK soul singer Rox has been on the Soul:UK ‘one to watch’ list for quite a while now. I was fortunate enough to catch her live a couple of weeks ago when she supported Daniel Merriweather on his UK tour, here is an extract from my review of the show (full post here):

Before I get into a review of the show I just want to mention Daniel’s support act, London based singer Rox. I was semi-familiar with her work through her myspace page, and have been keeping up to date with the progress on her upcoming debut, so when it was announced she was supporting I was more than a little excited. I arrived just as Rox was finishing up her opening song and the buzz in the crowd suggested she had done well. She then went into the song I’m most familiar with, ‘Page Unfolds’. To say she killed it would be an understatement! The crowd were young, and so I expected them to not pay much attention to the non-headline acts (that seems to be what usually happens), however she had their full attention. She also sang ‘I Don’t Believe’, the fantastic ‘Rock Steady’ which would have been THE perfect summer soundtrack, and finally ‘Breakfast In Bed’ which really had her belting it out. It’s safe to say that she gained herself a fair few fans in Birmingham!

You can check out a video from this talented lady below, where she discusses her roots in London, her love of music and her upcoming album.

If you head on over to her website and sign up to the mailing list you will recieve a copy of her song ‘Rock Steady’ which proved to be a huge crowd pleaser at the Birmingham gig.

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