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Spotlight: Andreya Triana


andreya trianaI’ve had a bit of a YouTube binge over the last few days. Every now and then I’ll stop by and type in a random artists name, or look for a particular video, and then I’ll go through the ‘related videos’ section. I can lose ridiculous amounts of time to this activity, but it almost always turns up a gem or two.

This time I came across some videos from Andreya Triana. Andreya is an artist I have become increasingly excited about over the last couple of months. First we had her debut single, ‘Lost Where I Belong’ and then the video surfaced for Bonobo’sThe Keeper’ (featuring Andreya on vocals) which is nicely building anticipation for her debut album, due early 2010.

The 3 videos I’ve featured are taken from a live performance Andreya did for MusFlashTV. In all of the videos Andreya has no backing music, instead she uses a Line 6 DL4 delay/looper (basically she records herself, loops the snippet and sings over herself). Check out her cover of ‘Sweet Dreams’ below and two more tracks after the break.

Many thanks to M0reTeaVicar for uploading the videos.

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