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BEST OF BRITISH: Alice Russell



As any fan of independant or non-mainstream music will know, there are certain artists who should be household names/worldwide superstars, yet for some reason remain relatively unknown to the masses. The perfect example of this phenomenon is UK soul singer Alice Russell. With a total of 4 critically acclaimed albums under her belt, and some very high profile collaborations it is uncomprehensible to those in the know why she isn’t storming the charts and selling huge amounts of records.

Alice discovered her joy of singing, as many an artist does, whilst participating in local church choirs. Her choir singing, along with an affection for classic soul artists such as Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin set the seed for what was to become a very successful independent career. Her first big break came when she was asked to perform on tracks by latin/house/soul band Bah Samba and then she came to the attention of Will Holland and began collaborations with both Quantic and his Quantic Soul Orchestra. Fast forward a few years and the talented songstress was releasing her first album, 2004’s Under The Munka Moon, on the Brighton-based Tru-Thoughts label. The album was a collection of collaborations, singles and remixes with established artists such as Quantic and Nature Boy.

Her association with the Tru-Thoughts label continued and a year later she released her first studio album, and my personal favourite,  My Favourite Letters. The album was co-written and produced by labelmate and friend TM Juke, who would go on to accompany Alice on tours of the UK, Europe and Australia. The album featured soul/funk classics such as ‘A Fly In The Hand’, ‘Humankind’ and personal highlight ‘Munkaroo’ and further cemented Alice’s reputation as one of the best and most promising independent UK artists to emerge in a very long time.

Alice Russell – Fly In The Hand

Alice Russell – Munkaroo

Whilst continually touring around the world Alice released her third album, and last on the Tru-Thoughts label, Under The Munka Moon II (2006). Much the same as her first album, it featured a host of remixes, collaborations and cover versions, including a cover of The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’ and a remix of fan favourite ‘Hurry On Now’. During this time Alice and TM Juke continued to write and record in the studio and Alice still managed to find time to collaborate with other like-mindedartists and Tru-Thoughts labelmates.

Her most recent work is 2008’s Pot Of Gold. Again the album is a collaborative effort with TM Juke (and the rest of her band) and features a host of new material plus a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ and another version of ‘Hurry On Now’. Unlike her previous 3 releases this album was not released through the Tru-Thoughts label but rather the the independent Sparkle Street label. Next up for Alice is the release of her highly anticipated Pot Of Gold: Remixes album (released on Oct 5th) and several live dates around the UK and Europe, which I already have my ticket for!


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  1. Vivrant Thang permalink
    21/10/2009 3:28 am

    Glad you included video from her show in DC. She showed out! Love her.


  1. VIDEO: Alice Russell – Let There Be Lovin « Soul:UK

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