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REVIEW: Amy Serrata



Other reviews I  have read of Amy Serrata’s self-titled debut compare her to Jill Scott or Erykah Badu (high praise indeed!), however I think that to compare her to either artist is unfair and takes some of the shine of the lady in question. The Badu comparison is one I feel will be reeled out again and again, particularly if you compare Amy’s album with some of Erykah’s more jazz-orientated material such as ‘Green Eyes’ or ‘Orange Moon’, but at least the comparison goes someway towards giving listeners an idea of what to expect from this project, namely a jazz-soul hybrid with some hip-hop elements, all held together by Amy’s distinctive vocals.

I first heard of this talented lady whilst I was doing my usual blog rounds. Her track ‘Rooted’ was featured over at BamaLoveSoul a couple of months ago and her named was filed away under ‘must check out’, then earlier this month she was featured over at Adventures of an Audio Diva so I decided that I would bump the name to the top of my list … and I’m very glad I did.

aserrata Almost all the material on the album has a very personal, almost autobiographical, feel to it. The theme running through a number of tracks is one of facing life’s difficulties head-on, whilst this could have given rise to a very sombre debut, Amy manages to remain upbeat and maintain a positive outlook. ‘Hello World’ has a RnB/jazz vibe that brings to mind the best bits of Chrisette Michele’s I Am, with Amy declaring she is ready to take on whatever challenges comes her way. Her infectious optimism is summed up perfectly in the opening lines “hello world, here I am today…”. The catchy ‘Love Another’ is the obligatory ‘love-yourself’ track that appears on many releases by female artists, however here Amy’s honey-sweet vocal effortlessly glides over a hip-hop beat that brings something fresh and new to a relatively  over-used song format.

The mid-tempo bounce of ‘Feel For Me’ sees Amy asking asking for support from those closest to her in her decision to pursue a career in music. Whether this is based on actual experience or not, I’m sure this song will resonante with anyone who has experienced ‘less than enthusiastic’ support from friends or family. Finally, my personal favourite, ‘Rooted’, is sure to be the track that sticks in your head after listening to the album. The punchy, almost staccato chorus is complimented perfectly by the sweetly sung verses which talk of Amy’s need to remain grounded and her strength to deal with whatever life throws at her.

Feel For Me


In my opinion this is a very highly acomplished debut album, from a very exciting new artist, that will appeal to fans of  jazz, RnB, soul, hip-hop or great music in general. I strongly suggest that you head over to her website or myspace page and take a listen to some of her material, and then head here to purchase your copy.

[keep your eyes peeled for a few Q&A’s with Ms. Serrata which should be up tomorrow]

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