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WorldWideSoul: Quadron



Recently I have noticed that a lot of the music I am listening to is not coming out of the US, or indeed the UK, but Northern Europe, particularly Scandinavia and the surrounding areas. In fact, 2 artists previously featured here under the WWS banner are from this area (Sabrina Starke and Tuomo), as well as other personal favourites such as Giovanca, and Swedish elctro/pop/soul outfit Little Dragon.

I came across Quadron about a week ago whilst browsing through music blogs. The duo is made up of Robin Hannibal (of Owusu & Hannibal fame) and vocalist Coco, both of whom are members of Denmark’s Boom Clap Batchelors, a collective of producers, live musicians and DJs out of Copenhagen. It was the cover art of their self-titled debut that first caught my eye, however after reading a description that included adjectives such as “soulful”, “electro” and “experimental” I decided to hit play, after all the description alone seems to put them on par with aforementioned favourites Little Dragon.

The first track I listened to was ‘Buster Keaton’ which instantly appealed to me. The simple drum snare at the beginning, coupled with Coco’s dreamy, hypnotic vocal had me wanting more from the off. I won’t go through a track by track summary of the album as I found that part of the joy of discovering this group was listening to the varied sounds on the album, which veers from elctro pop/soul (‘Buster Keaton’) to retro-inspired tracks (‘Pressure’), through to more moody, jazzy numbers (‘Day’) while still sounding very cohesive.

Below are two of my favourites from the album, but I do urge you to head over to their myspace and check out a few more.

Quadron – Horse

Quadron – Unpatience

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  1. max permalink
    16/09/2009 9:38 pm

    holland is not really considered ‘scandinavia and its surroundings’

    anyway. another great artist from holland: njtamrosie. check her ou.

    also be sure to shed some ink on remi nicole. she got soul.

  2. 17/09/2009 11:49 am

    apologies, geography is not one of my strong points!


  1. #musicmonday: Quadron Release A Video For ‘Pressure’ « Soul:UK

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