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True Soul Star: Yahzarah



If you are a regular visitor to music blogs you will surely have noticed the fact that whilst the writers/contributers are happy to promote anything they deem to be worthwhile, there are always a few artists that they seem to focus on, sometimes to the extent that the artist in question could be called a ‘favourite’. Well ladies and gentlemen let me focus on one of ‘favourites‘ (and the 3rd entry into my True Soul Spirit series), Yahzarah aka Purple St. James.

This talented soul-sista was brought to my attention by fellow blogger/music-head Vivrant Thang. As is often the case when i’m introduced to a new artist I plugged the name into google and found a myspace page along with a few youtube videos which definitely whet my appetite for more. I also discovered that she had once been a back-up singer for one of my other favourite artists, Erykah Badu, and a regular collaborator with hip-hop group Little Brother. I soon acquired the 2 solo albums she had released (Hear Me & Blackstar) and instantly became a fan for life. Her voice and material were reminiscent of some of the great ladies of soul from yester-year, while simutaneously having an edge and attitude that ensured she still sounded current. Both albums became underground hits in the soul/neo-soul communities but failed to replicate this success in the mainstream market.

[Download 2 of Yahzarah’s previous projects for FREE: Hear Me / The Prelude EP]

Continued frustrations with the music industry nearly led Yahzarah to give up the singing game for good, but luckily for us she decided to give it another go and 2006 saw her appear on the Foreign Exchange’s debut album Connected and Nicolay’s Here. Then in 2008 she released her first solo material in 5 years, the fantastic The Prelude EP, as well as returning with the Foreign Exchange on their highly successful follow up album, Leave It All Behind.

During this collaborative stage of her career Yahzarah continued to work on solo material, and it emerged that she was working on a full length album entitled The Ballad Of Purple St. James. In early 2009 a couple of tracks from the project were leaked to the internet, which coupled with performances of some new material at various US shows, created a real buzz for the project.

Well it looks like the wait is almost over. A video for the track ‘The Tickler (Daddy Go Faster)’ has already surfaced online, and she is working on a second video for the track ‘Starship’. Also a (tentative) release date of  late September ’09 has been announced and I’ve had a sneak preview of the album tracklisting which you can see below. I’ve heard 4 or 5 of the tracks already and I’m definitely anticipating this release to be my personal highlight of 2009!!


1. The Basement (Purple Intro)
2. I’m A Legend
3. Fast Lane
4. I Came, I Saw
5. Like A Flower
6. Last 2 Leave
7. Hour Glass
8. Dedicated To U (Interlude)
9. Radio (ft. Suede of Camp Lo)
10.The Tickler (Daddy Go Faster)
11. Choclate Inside
12. Highest High
13. Beautiful Place
14. Starship
15. Shadow

Producers: Steve Mckie & Tone Whitfield, Psycho Soul, Ski Beats, Apple Juice Kid, Zo, Khrysis, Joe D, Biscut & Von, Nate Smith, Wrightrax.


FUSICOLOGY recently conducted an interview with Yahzarah where she discusses her new project

Yahzarah’s new video for ‘The Tickler (Daddy Go Faster)’

Check out footage of Yahzarah singing ‘Fast Lane’ from the upcoming album (thanks to NuSoulMag for the video).

2 Comments leave one →
  1. YahZarah permalink
    26/08/2009 10:03 pm

    Hi Soul UK!

    Thanks so much for this…
    Words cannot express how grateful for this
    time in my life where I am sharing new music.
    Being an indy has it’s highs and lows.
    And it is moments when I read things like this
    that keep me moving towards my upward direction.

    Love and Sunshine

    Love and Sunshine

  2. 27/08/2009 9:11 am

    Thanks for stopping by and checking this out!

    You are more than welcome. The indy scene is really starting to come to the forefront at the moment, artists are able to have successful careers without major label backing which can only be good for the listeners! We get to hera real artists producing work that they are passionate about rather than what is ‘expected’ of them.

    Keep up the phenomenal work 😉


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