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Get To Know: Nicholas Howard



If there is one artist i’m glad I came across this year it’s Nicholas Howard. This gritty, soulful New Yorker was introduced to me by squarerootz over at  The Soul Reservoir. I had never heard of him before, but after one listen to the couple of tracks posted over there I was determined to find out more.

I can’t remember exactly how it came about, but I ended up emailing Nicholas to say how much I enjoyed the music he was making not expecting a response (after all artists, especially those going the indie route, are very busy people). However, I was pleasantly surprised to recieve a very quick reponse thanking me for my interest and offering to send me a copy of his second album God Is In The City (his first is called Rip In The Sky – still trying to track it down). 3 days later I recieved a copy of the album, along with some bio/press release info and a hand written note from Nicholas thanking me again for my interest. His kind, genuine and friendly personality had me won over before I pressed play!

So what should you expect from the album? In a sentence: edgy, gritty, powerful music straight from the soul! There really is something for everyone on this album, it incorporates soul, blues, a bit of a rock influence, some reggae vibes in places and even tinges of gospel. However, what really struck me on first listen, besides the eclectic nature of the sounds, was how personal and heartfelt each and evry track sounds. This isn’t your typical ballad-filled, romanticised view on life from some 20 year old looking to make a quick buck. This is real music, from a real singer/songwriter.

What makes it all the more impressive is that Nicholas is an independant artist. Now I will say that a lot of the artists I listen to/feature on this site are ‘indie’ artists, however few have managed to create such a well put together project as GIITC without some major label backing or input from other artists/producers.

I’m not going to get into which tracks are stand-outs, or which you should download as individual tracks because doing so would reduce the album simply to a collection of songs, which it is most definitely not. To fully appreciate the album you need to listen to it from start to finish, as a single, cohesive piece of music. I defy anyone who does this not to fall under its spell!

That being said I have included a couple of tracks for your listening pleasure:

God Is In The City

So Much Left To Say

Scotch On Her Lips

If you enjoy what you have heard then purchase the album here.

If you would like more info. on Nicholas and his music you can visit his myspace page, follow him on Twitter or visit his label website.


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  1. 20/08/2009 8:48 pm

    Thank you sir! You are the best.

    I love the review and appreciate the support. I am going to be dropping a single a month for free download and would love to have you involved if possible..

    And I didn’t know you wanted a copy of “A Rip in the Sky”. All you have to do is ask my brother!! I’ll try and get one off to you as soon as possible. You can’t it anywhere else except from my hands. Email me your address again.

    Talk to you soon.. and thanks again!

    Nicholas Howard
    Belief & Hustle Records

  2. 21/08/2009 1:44 am

    Great post bro! As always, you have conveyed the essence of the artist and if I wasn’t already aware of Nicholas’ music, I would mos def want to hear more now.

    I also now see that what it takes me at least three pages to write can easily be summed up in one. Lolz…I guess I need to tone it down on the flowery writing, huh? j/k. Once again good sir, kudos and as you told me earlier, Cheers!

  3. 21/08/2009 10:07 am

    @Nicholas Your welcome and i’m always happy to help! Will email you 😉

    @SquarerootZ LOL … your writing is just fine. Thanks for stopping by!

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