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What’s New?


Here’s a quick roundup of what i’ve found/seen/heard this past week:

  • FRESHselects have given us a peek at some material that didn’t make it onto Jazzmine Sullivan’s Fearless. Jumpoff features production from PPP’s Wajeed and backing vocals by the magnificent Coultrain. Head on over and download!
  • Lee Fields is a name i didn’t think i was familiar with, however a quick search of my iTunes brings up his fantastic duet with Sharon Jones called ‘Stranded In Your Love’ which i had all but forgotten about. Now news comes via the guys over at MOOVMNT  that he is set to release his next project, My World, this year. They also have a sneak peek at a couple of tracks … all i can say is  WOW!
  • There are certain sites than you can always rely on to bring you the newest and best music … one such site is Bama Love Soul! Head on over and read their review of Zap Mama’s Recreation (personally loving it!), and while your there check out news on super-producer/writer James Poyser’s new project called The Rebel Yell. From the tracks up over at myspace this looks set to be a definite highlight of ’09.
  • Last but not least i wanna say a big thank you to the folks over at SoulCulture who have decided to let me (dis)grace the pages of their blog. My first post, a review of V’s The Paradox is available here.


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  1. 20/05/2009 9:48 pm

    V is amazing, I bought his T.R.I.N.T. EP some time ago (was a long while ago now I think of it. lol). Anyway, loved his music ever since.

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