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Under The Radar: Belleruche, Amber Ojeda, Oceana, Damon Aaron & Natalie Gardiner



As we visit blogs/websites we are bombarded with ‘the next best thing’ in music and sometimes it can be too much effort to check out each and every artist we are presented with. The idea of this post is to highlight those you should check out.

I havn’t just stumbled upon these artists through blogs and music sites, many have been recommended by fellow bloggers/writers/music obsessives such as Vivrant Thang, Tha Conoisseur, Soulified & HoneySoul (the list goes on – check the blogroll for more). 


1. Belleruche







Belleruche are a UK soul/funk trio signed to the Tru Thoughts label (home to artists such as The Bamboos, Kylie Auldist & The Quantic Soul Orchestra). They have 2 albums under their belt so far, Turnatable Soul Music (2007) and The Express (2008).

Belleruche – Bird Mess

Belleruche – Idea Three


2. Amber Ojeda






LA singer/songwriter Amber Ojeda combines jazz, soul and hip-hop to create some great music. There a  number of free downloads available on her myspace page which are well worth checking out. From what i gather she is currently working on an album.

Amber Ojeda – Here I Am

Amber Ojeda – Sometimes I


3. Oceana







I came across Oceana on a new blog i found called Sexy Never Left (well woth checking out!). This lady has a very funky, soulful sound and will appeal to those who enjoy music by artists such as Stephanie McKay or Nikka Costa. Her debut album, Love Supply (2009), is available now.

Oceana – Cry Cry

Oceana – All Genetic


4. Damon Aaron







Damon Aaron has been a regular on the music scene for a while. Starting of in folk and country bands, he then went on to play guitar for several well known soul and hip-hop bands (such as The Rebirth) before breaking out on his own. I do not own any of his previous work, but if 2008’s Highlands is anything to go by, it will be well worth checking out.

Damon Aaron – Matinee

Damon Aaron – Fire


5. Natalie Gardiner







Swedish-born Natalie Gardiner is somewhat of a breath of fresh air on the soul music scene. Her minimalistic, jazzy, soulful vocals really draw the listener in, and have gained her fans amongst some very influential DJ’s such as Gilles Peterson, Benji B and Vikter Duplaix. She has released 2 albums so far, 2004’s Natalie Gardiner and 2007’s California … i strongly suggest you check out both!

Natalie Gardiner – Can’t Quit You Now

Natalie Gardiner – Summer Rain


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  1. 18/05/2009 3:24 pm

    Hey, thanks for adding my site to your list.

    I came across your site a while back and think it’s pretty awesome.

  2. 19/05/2009 7:58 am

    I’m loving your site too. Some great artists featured!!

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