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Review: Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts



Most people in the UK  will be familiar with the Noisette’s track ‘Don’t Upset The Rythm (Go Baby Go)’ which is featured on the Mazda car adverts and is constantly played on the radio, however on their second album, ‘Wild Young Hearts’ they show there is much more to them than this radio-friendly pop anthem!

The group comprises drummer Jamie Morrison, guitarist Dan Smith and vocalist/bassist/front woman Shingai Shoniwa. They describe themselves as indie/pop/punk however what immediately strikes you on listening to the album is that they also have a lot of SOUL.

My favourite track on the album (which has changed about 3 times) is ‘Never Forget You’. As soon as the track begins what strikes me is how much Shingai sounds like a happier version of Ms. Winehouse. The 60s/70s ‘retro soul’ sound is all over this track … but it’s done well!

The Noisettes – Never Forget You

The title track ‘Wild Young Hearts’ is another standout. It’s a definite summer track with a sing-along chorus and a slightly rocky/soulful vibe.

The Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts

My second favourite track on the album is the opener ‘Sometimes’, a moodier, more mellow track with minimal musical accompaniement which really shows off Shingai’s voice.

The Noisettes – Sometimes

I’ve highlighted 3 of the tracks i enjoy but the album is a real eclectic affair and i strongly suggest you check it out. More info/music and details of shows are available over on their myspace page.

Finally here is the video for ‘Never Forget You’ …


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  1. slayton491 permalink
    07/05/2009 10:52 pm

    Great Post! totally agree with everything you have said, much similarities to Amy Winehouse in a few songs. I also think that “Atticus” is worth a mention as it is a bit different and has quite an ethnic sound:) One of my favourite albums of 2009 so far!

  2. 08/05/2009 5:24 pm

    Great post.

    I agree, this group are great. They defnitely bring something fresh and unique to the scene, which is a plus obviously. The song featured in the car advertisement wasn’t my favourite from them, but their others on the album are great. ‘Never Forget You’ is a tune!!

  3. 12/05/2009 11:24 pm

    This is my first exposure to the group, but I’m diggin’ what I hear. Hopefully the album will be released on itunes. The cheapest import price I’ve seen is still a little to expensive for me.

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