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What’s New: TGIF



Well it’s Friday once again, so i thought i’d share some bits I have picked up this week:

  • First up UK artist VV Brown has released the video to her new track ‘Shark In The Water’. When i caught her live a few weeks back this was the track that STUCK in my head. Check out the video below (thanks to AudioDiva for the heads up). Her album is released June 15th.

  • Ok so the folks over at Pinboard Blog shared this weeks ago but i have only just got round to giving it a listen. It’s an EP by an artist called Jade entitled ‘It’s My Heart, Cookie’. The EP is a real eclectic mix of styles including pop, soul, R&B and even a bit of folk. Head on over to Pinboard to download FREE!
  • I’ve mentioned before that i’m a strictly ‘soul’ boy and don’t listen to much hip-hop. That said, i do own the last 2 albums by Hezekiah. He is definately a hip-hop artist but it’s hip-hop with a heavy helping of soul … his latest album ‘I Predict A Riot (feat. Bilal, Muhsinah, Jaguar Wright, Aaron Livingstone) didn’t leave my CD player for weeks. Now he has released a FREE mixtape, with appearances by Bilal, Conya Doss, Jay Z, Kanye West and others, before he releases his next LP later this year. Download here.


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