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What’s New: May Music Madness – UPDATE!



Just over a week ago i published a post about what a great month, musically speaking, May was shaping up to be!

Almost immediately after posting i had to make an ammendment regarding the long-awaited release of Yahzarah’s new album. It seems that although it was slated for release in May there have been some setbacks and we will have to wait a little (?) longer. Typically, out of the 4 albums i mentioned this was the one i WANTED the most!

I consoled myself with the fact that there were still 3 albums of high quality material coming out …. well ladies and gents that has now been reduced to 2!

On checking my email this morning i discovered that VV Brown’s ‘Travelling Like The Light’ now has a June 15th release date (still no word on a US date). Ok so it’s not like we have gotta wait months or anything but still i had it in my head it would be May.

So 2 down, but still 2 up there right? Well i’m having trouble pinpointing a UK release date for CM’s ‘Epiphany’ … amazon have it as an import release available on the 5th but i’m not paying £20 for the album!

Well it looks like my ‘month of musical madness’ is turning into a ‘month of musical misery’. Now all my focus is on Laura Izibor to brighten it up a little. From what i’ve heard so far though, i’m sure she will not disappoint.


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  1. 07/05/2009 11:23 pm

    Hey don’t fret. Yahzarah sent me 2 knew tracks. You can check them out at BamaLoveSoul.Com!

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