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World Wide Soul: Tuomo



Been a while since my last installment of WWS but i’ve recently come across an artist who definitely needs to be featured.

Tuomo is the latest in a long line of gifted soul singers to come out of Europe (see Melo, Sabrina Starke, Giovanca).  The multi-talented singer, pianist, composer and producer hails from Finland and has 2 solo albums under his belt, the first was 2007’s ‘My Thing’ which was followed this year by his sophomore effort ‘Reaches Out For You’ .

Both albums have solid foundations in classic 70’s soul, but also include elements of rock and hints of jazz. Almost all the tracks on both discs were written by Tuomo himself which just reinforces the fact that he is one hell of a talent and deserves to break into the UK and US markets … whether he will get that chance remains to be seen.

Here are a couple of standout tracks from his 2 albums:

Tuomo – My Thing (My Thing)

Tuomo – Firsts (Reaches Out For You)

Tuomo – Love & Friendship (Reaches Out For You)

Links: Official Site / Myspace



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