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The purpose of this blog has always been to promote great music from both established artists, up-and-coming artists and new ones.

I came across the above gig via Twitter. Rahel (from Eric Lau’s New Territories) gave me the heads up and all I thought was WOW! Sadly I cannot attend the event but I urge any readers who are in the London  area to check this out!

My favourite brit artists at the moment, Tawiah, is hosting the event, with performances by Muhsinah (super-star in the making), Ben Jones, Jodi Milliner (the proder behind Tawiah’s EP), Vula (Basement Jaxx & Bugz vocalist), soon to be soul-star Leon King and others.

At time of writing I couldn’t find out much about except that they are an online media & arts company with a website which is to be launched soon ( I intend to find out more but wanted to get the post up asap as the gig is in 4 days time.

Their facebook profile lists 3 projects:

1. Arale 01– which is the first EP released by a platform highlighting key producers worldwide;
the first of those being Muhsinah (DC) and Ben Jones (London).

2.– the online platform, where 6 key artists are presented each week including their
most upcoming and exclusive material.

3. Arale’s‘Live Producer’ – the first night of the monthly Live sessions where the most talented
musicians get together to play upfront cutting edge and influential productions both old and new.

The EP will surely be a must have for fans of nu-soul, and the website looks like it will be one of THE places to go for the best new music.


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  1. vivrant thang permalink
    16/04/2009 8:40 pm

    What?! You can’t make this?! Nothing but death should keep you from this one. o_O LOL!

    EP is going to be ridiculous. Keep us informed!

  2. 17/04/2009 8:31 am

    I know!!!!!!!

    EP is released on 20th April but not sure if its a vinyl-only release 😦

    Will find out and report back.

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