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Live Music: VV Brown & Elviin




Last night i was blessed to catch two of Britains most promising artists live! The show was headlined by indie rock singer GaryGo, he is a talented guy but dosn’t really make my kinda music so at first i wasn’t going to attend. However, after some prompting i agreed, and then got quite excited when i found out VV Brown was supporting. She is gaining quite a following here in the UK with her unique blend of pop, soul, rock & electro which she describes as ‘indie doo-wop’.

Before VV graced the stage a young guy took his place at the keyboard and gave us a few songs. I didn’t catch his name at first as people were still filing in and making noise, however his voice soon caught my attention. I wouldn’t describe his music as predominantly ‘soul’ but he definitely has a soulful voice. I didn’t catch most the song names due to the people next to me who insisted on talking the WHOLE night, but he did take time to explain the title of one track called ‘Worth Getting Arrested For’, which is about having sex in public places! A few minutes of internet searching rewarded me with his name (Elviin) and his myspace page, hop over and check out a couple of his tracks. It looks as if he is hard at work on his debut which i will get as soon as it drops!

Next up was VV who opened her set with the song ‘Crying Blood’ (which samples the tune from ‘The Monster Mash’). Her style of music is hard to describe so take a listen for yourselves.

She does have a real stage presence and it’s obvious that her passion lies in performing live. During every song both her and her band (who are also excellent) were dancing around energetically as if they were home in front of the mirror with a hairbrush. Their sense of fun definitely rubbed off on the crowd who were soon tapping their feet and getting into VV’s groove.

Another standout track was current single ‘Leave’ which she dedicated to her ‘asshole ex-boyfriend’.

My favourite track of her set was ‘Shark In The Water’ which you can check out below. I cannot get this song outta my head!

[Had a youtube vid but sound is awful]

Her album is due for release in June and i fully expect it to be a BIG part of my summer soundtrack!



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