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Discussion: If I Were A Record Exec …




Ok, i’m back from my few days of so called R&R! The last few days have been so hectic i could do with another holiday just to get over them, but anyway on to other things …

I hoped to play ‘catch up’ with some music i’ve been sat on for a while now but my iPod headphones broke on the 1st day so i didn’t manage to get that done. I have a massive backlog again so i’ve decided to not actively seek out anythin new until i have made a significant dent in what i have already (we’ll see how long that lasts ;)).

While away i was thinking about a dilemma that alot of artists seem to face at the moment, balancing their artistry with the needs/wants/demands of a record label. That then got me thinking if i had my own record label, who would i want on it? Which artists would define the sound of that label?

I thought it would be fun to get peoples opinion on the matter (and might also serve to introduce me to some artists i’m not aware of). So who would you have on your own personal record label?

(NOTE: No established artists allowed. It takes the fun out of things if everyone has Jill Scott and Erykah Badu on their lists. The definition of  ‘established’ is open to debate but you get my drift.)

My Picks

1. Brittany Bosco – this rising star has definitely become a firm favourite of mine since the release of her Spectrum EP. She effortlessly blends soul, jazz, hip-hop and electro into a genre all of her own. One to watch for sure!

2. Tawiah – ths Brit singer has been on my radar for a while now. Her debut EP In Jodi’s Bedroom was one of my favourite releases of last year. She has toured with Mark Ronson and has appeared on compilations by renowned DJ Giles Peterson. I am highly anticipating her full length debut!

3. Caretta Bell – Caretta Bell is an artist i stumbled across by accident. The Houston songstresses debut ‘Love’s Eye View’ will definitely be near the top of my ‘Best of ’09’. She has a killer voice and a fantastic set of songs!

4. Tony Momrelle – Tony Momrelle has been featured here before as part of my ‘Best of British’ posts. He is a featured vocalist for both Incognito and Reel People. Most of the ‘new’ artists i’m getting into lately seem to be female, a new male soul-singer is what i need.

5. Coultrain – From the first listen of his ‘Adventures of Seymour Liberty’ debut i was hooked, as were mos of the soul community. His work on PPP’s ‘Abundance’ only made it harder to ignore the fact that he is well on his way to becoming a bona-fide soul star!

*6. Ra-Re Valverde – i’m using my privilege as writer of this blog to add a 6th signee. Ms. Valverde is definitely in my top 10 artists, her ‘A Beautiful Mess’ LP was a masterpiece in my eyes!

Honourable mentions go to Greent Tea, Vula Malinga, Daru & Rena and Leon King … they would definitely be in my second wave once the £’s start rolling in! lol.

Who would you choose? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. 30/03/2009 9:17 pm

    Interesting list. I’m with you on Tawiah. Including her, I would have Esperanza Spalding, Algebra Blessett, Giovanca, Kissey Asplund, Laura Izibor, Emily King, Goapele, Leigh Jones, YahZarah, and Muhsinah.

  2. 31/03/2009 2:38 am

    My List would inclued…V, Darien, Tamara Wellons, Melo, Kim Arrington, Sy Smith, J Davey,
    Fertile Ground, The Luv Bugz, Heston, ZO! Chester Gregory, Amp Fiddler, Angela Johnson, Choklate

  3. vivrant thang permalink
    31/03/2009 4:19 am

    Great post idea! This will definitely be included in my roundup this week.

    Yall stole most of mine you know.

    I would add Bilal, Ledisi, Darien Brockington, Vikter Duplaix, Lizz Fields, Vivian Green, Trina Broussard, Melanie Fiona, Chris Rob, Eric Roberson, N’Dambi, Julie Dexter, Stacy Epps, Peter Hadar, PJ Morton, Teedra Moses (LAWD knows!), Omar, Tamara Wellons, Sarah White, Eric Rico, Santigold, Eric Lau and Mark de Clive Lowe (to make beats), Maiysha, Choklate, Marie Tweek, Van Hunt, Keite Young, Rogiers, Joi, Jaguar Wright, Deborah Bond, Hil St Soul, Zaki Ibrahim, Vanessa Freeman…should I continue.

    I went in on this list because it should be a reference. When folks complain they cant find good music, refer them to this post. Some gems here.

  4. 31/03/2009 8:34 am

    LOL, i meant to restrict this to 5 picks each (hence my *6 pick) but i’m SOOO glad i didn’t, some gems mentioned here.

    I would have had Bilal, Ledisi & Yahzarah on my original list but i kinda see them as established up to a point, everyone who appreciates soul music should know them!
    @ Black Maybe Laura Izibor should have been on there, how did i forget 😮

    @ Keyknow I also love the Luv Bugz so they would have to be added!

    @ Viv LOL i thought you would have a few to share 😉 N’Dambi, Stacy Epps, Peter Hadar, Eric Lau, Maiysha, Jaguar and Zaki Ibrahim would all have to be added! PJ Morton and Marie Tweek are new to me, will have to hunt them down asap.

  5. 04/05/2009 3:43 am

    I’m so late in making the time to come and add my wish list of five artists taht would call my label their home:

    (1) V – just because he’s a bad brother
    (2) Monica Blaire – she’s wicked on the mic
    (3) Bradd Marquis – if you don’t know, you’ll know soon enough
    (4) Liv Warfield – she brings me to tears
    (5) PJ Morton – he’s so well rounded, musically — an artist like him would make any label complete

    *(6)* Rahsaan Patterson – he’s just extra special and gifted

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