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World Wide Soul: Sabrina Starke





Sabrina Starke is a Dutch singer/songwriter who released her full-length debut, ‘Yellow Brick Road’ at the end of 2008. The album was recorded in the US but so far has only seen a European release, although there are plans for an international release sometime this year.

The album is an interesting mix of sounds, there are elements of modern RnB/soul with a hint of jazz and folk and even a bit of a caribbean/reggae vibe to some of the tracks. My favourite track on the album is ‘Romeo & Juliet’ which has a feel-good, uplifting sound to it, and celebrates the early stages of a budding relationship. After one listen to this track you know this lady can sing with the best of ’em, she has a gritty, earthy voice which i’m sure she could use to great effect on any genre of music, luckily for us she has chosen soul to display her talents.

Sabrina Starke – ‘Romeo & Juliet’

‘Second Class Woman’ is one of the tracks with a bit of the ‘island sound’, which i suppose is to be expected as she began her career singing reggae music. Lead single ‘Do For Love’ is standard soul fare (in terms of subject/style) but with a very catchy hook and her magnificent voice the track stands head and shoulders above the ‘cookie-cutter’ soul that has gained popularity over the last couple of years.

Sabrina Starke – ‘Do For Love’

She ventures into acoustic/folksy territory on another standout track called ‘Electric Blue’ and then changes direction yet again on my second favourite track, the Supremes-esque ‘You Are My Love’, which has a 60’s feel to it while still managing to sound up to date.

Sabrina Starke – ‘You Are My Love’

All in all the album is well worth purchasing. Although she dosn’t really cover any new ground lyrically or musically, what she does do is make good old solid soul music, with just enough of an edge to distinguish her from many of her contemporaries.


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  1. vivrant thang permalink
    17/03/2009 8:24 pm

    Once again, I believe you were the one that intro’d me to Sabrina Agree with everything you’ve said here. I haven’t listened to her album in a while but you’ve made me want to revisit.


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