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Best of Britsh: Tony Momrelle & Vula Malinga


I decided to spotlight 2 artists this time around bacause i love them both and couldn’t decide which to choose!

Tony Momrelle


Tony Momrelle is a Jamaican-born, British-raised singer who most people should be familiar with one way or another. He is most famous as the lead male vocalist for British group Incognito (since his debut on ‘Bees + Things + Flowers’) and a contributor to Reel People’s ‘Seven Ways To Wonder’.

As a member of Incognito i never thought to check out if he had any solo material behind him, however a quick google search brough up 2007’s ‘Message in The Music’ which is performed with Austria’s Lungau Big Band. A bit more searching led to me purchasing the album on the strength of lead single ‘With Your Love’. In a similar vein to a lot of artists recently he has gone back to the soulful sounds of the 70’s to get his inspiration.

Tony Momrelle – ‘With Your Love’

I have read articles/forum posts etc where Tony is compared, vocally, to Stevie Wonder. I can see where the comparison comes from but never really appreciated it until i listened to this album. He puts in two cover versions of classics, firstly Marvin’s ‘Whats Going On’ and then Stevie’s ‘You Are The Sunshine Of My Life’, the latter is quite successful whereas the Marvin cover is just ‘OK’. However, there is an abundance of new material on which he shines, including another stand out for ‘Message In The Music’.

Tony Momrelle – ‘Message In The Music’

Overall the album is well worth purchasing, especially if you have been impressed by Tony’s vocals on projects by either Incognito or Reel People.

Vula Malinga


Vula Malinga is another name that may be familiar to people through collaborations with other artists, most notably the UK’s Basement Jaxx (‘Oh My Gosh’, ‘Hush Boy’) and Bugz In The Attic (‘Consequence’). She has also sang back up for one of my other favourite Brits, Tawiah.

It was the collabo with Bugz In The Attic that piqued my interest and so i went in search of some info on her, with my first stop being her myspace page. As with a lot of artists the page didn’t contain a huge amount of info but i was able to listen to a couple of tracks off her debut EP ‘If U Want It’. More searching turned up small amounts of info and finally i decided to pick up the EP and i’m glad i did!

Vula – ‘If U Want It’

Standout tracks for me are the title track and ‘Crash da Party’ but the whole thing is solid and worth a few £’s of anyone’s money. Now i’m waiting for the full-length LP!

Vula – ‘Crash da Party’

She was also featured over at HoneySoul and was artist of the month on Soul Commune so be sure to check her out!


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  1. vivrant thang permalink
    17/03/2009 8:19 pm

    Excellent, excellent picks here.

    When I saw Butta give you props for featuring Tony I wondered where I had seen that name before. The Reel People compilation! I definitely hear some Stevie or maybe Glenn Lewis in is sound on With Your Love. The live instrumentation on that track is sick!

    My first time hearing of Vula. Reminds me that I need more Bugz in my life ever since Daz I Kue turned me out Inauguration weekend. I am loving her sound too. Fresh and funky. One to keep an eye on for sure!

  2. 18/03/2009 9:03 am

    Tony is definitely a huge talent. I had listened to some Incognito tracks and didn’t realise he was the vocalist, it was on Reel People’s album that he really grabbed my attention!

    Vula is one i’m definitely keepin an eye on. Starting this blog has really opened my eyes to some of the talent we have here in the UK that goes pretty much unnoticed by the music buying public here.


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