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What’s New: Disco balls, bright lights … dance!

  • Most people reading this site will be familiar with the name Brittany Bosco from the free Spectrum EP she released last year. Nobody can deny the lady is a huge talent and I for one am eagerly anticipating her full length release. She also has another EP to her name (released before Spectrum) entitled ‘City of Nowhere’. It features 2 songs included on Spectrum (the title track and the fantastic ‘It Was You’) and 6 other songs, listen to my favourite ‘Studio 54’ below.

Brittany Bosco – ‘Studio 54’

  • UK artist Shaun Escoffrey is one of the many talents that kinda passed me by. However over the weekend I stumbled upon an album of covers he released in 2007 called ‘Move Into Soul’. Now i’m not a huge fan of ‘cover albums’, the odd cover version on an album is ok but generally they come nowhere near the originals (especially if it’s a straight up rehash), but here Shaun Escoffrey has done his homework. For the most part they are not straight up copies, and the material he has chosen is first class (he covers Marvin, Sam Cooke and Nina Simone). Listen to his cover of Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ below, I was apprehensive as this is one of my all time favourites but i like it.

Shaun Escoffrey – ‘Feeling Good’

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  1. vivrant thang permalink
    11/03/2009 2:56 pm

    Now Shaun Escoffrey is probably one artist I wouldn’t mind an album of covers from because I know he would put a different spin on it. I will have to check back to hear this!

  2. 11/03/2009 3:18 pm

    winging it’s way over 😉

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