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Under The Radar: Slakah The Beatchild, Melo and Mo’j


This post is a bit of a review of sorts.

Rather than an in-depth review of one album I plan on featuring a couple of albums that I’m currently listening to along with a couple of tracks, my opinions etc etc. Anything that REALLY grabs hold of me may warrant a full post to itself but we’ll see.

So to kick things off:

Slakah The Beatchild – Soul Movement Vol.1


Slakah The Beatchild (as the name suggests) is a beat-maker/producer from Canada. The album is a mix of soul and hip-hop with a little bit of an experimental edge in places. Similar to the UK’s Eric Lau, Slakah has used his debut to showcase some of his home country’s exciting vocal talents, including soon-to-be superstar Ayah, Divine Brown and Ray Robinson.

If you like your hip-hop beats combined with soulful vocals then you could definitely do worse than picking this up!

Slakah The Beatchild ft Divine Brown & Ray Robinson – ‘Crate Love (By Your Side)’

Slakah The Beatchild ft Jason Simmons – ‘It’s All Good’

Mo’J – Beyond Category


Mo’J consists of longtime friends Monica Lynk and Jason Anderson. Their material is a mix of RnB, Soul and Jazz using live instruments to really compliment the soulful vocals. At times they remind me of Incognito in their style but the comparison isn’t really fair as they have worked hard to find their own groove. All the tracks on the album are strong and for once the interludes help the flow of the album rather than detract from it.

All in all a great album for a chilled out weekend.

Mo’J – ‘So Funky’

Mo’J – ‘Emerald In The Sky (Freedom)’

Melo – Off My Chest


As is so often the case, Melo’s is a name I had heard banded about a bit on different blogs but never really looked into. Then I came across a compilation entitled Amplified Presents: Dirty Soul Electric (a MUST HAVE for fans of electro/progressive soul), and one track in particular got my attention: Up Hygh ft Melo – ‘Get Out My Face’. I also heard him on Simbad’s ‘Supersonic Revelation’ and so the digging began and I came across this solo album from last year. I’ll admit on first listen it didn’t grab me (which usually has me reachin for ‘delete’ – this has taught me a lesson) but it’s definitely a grower. Most the tracks are mid-tempo grooves perfect for relaxin and drinkin!!

Melo – ‘Caroline’

Melo – ‘Off My Chest’

Let me know what you think in the comments. What are you currently feelin’?


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  1. 24/02/2009 9:39 pm

    I found about you via Soul Bounce….congratulation on the new blog. I will bookmark you and visit regularly.

    On another note: I am in independent artist from Chicago, IL… Please check out my links and let me know what you’re feeling. Thanks 🙂

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